When talking with a client, shaking hands or posing with colleagues, your hands and nails reflect your hygiene and lifestyle.

It is especially for you that our institute offers 3 kinds of manicures for your nails and hands.



Maybe you do not have time, or your nail clippers are no longer working .... This manicure is for you.
We clean and cut your nails, discreetly, give them a little regular shape and that's it, you are ready for your return.
Great not? In addition coffee is offered.


You feel that your hands are dry, rough ... I propose a care based AVOPLEX products with the scent and power of the avocado.
We start with a relaxing bath of hands between 5 and 10 minutes followed by a scrub of the hands. Continue with a rinse plus a hand and forearm massage.
We finish, if you agree, with the application of a moisturizer. In addition coffee is offered.

SPA by OPI aussi

Here is the pleasure for you and your hands. You like to take care of yourself. No need for other motivations and you have time.
The total.


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