The modelling with the  GEL  allows to change the shape of the nail (squared, rounded off, sharp, etc.),  to  extend her  and also to strengthen her.

We use exclusively the GELS  of CONSTRUCTION of the  brand OPI, delivered by the official distributor of Switzerland and they respect the sanitary standards and of hygiene Swiss.

Nail extension

<center>Nail extension</center>
Time: 1h30'
Price CLUB  TTC = 88.-
Price public TTC = 110.-

The extension of nails allows to extend your nails and to change their shape according to your taste.

Filling with GEL OPI (3-4 week)

<center>Filling with GEL OPI  (3-4 week) </center>
Time: 1h15' - 1h30'
Price CLUB TTC   = 60.-
Price Public TTC = 75.-
We  recommend  to make the filling every 3 or 4 weeks (according to the regrowth).

Nail strengthening

<center>Nail strengthening</center>
Time: 1h - 1h15'
 Price CLUB TTC  = 52.-
Price Public TTC = 65.-
The strengthening of nails consists in applying a fine  layer of  GEL  to the natural nails without extending them.

Repair nail

<center>Repair nail</center>
Time : Depends on the number of broken nails
 Price CLUB *  = 0.-
Price Public * TTC = 9 .- by nail

* For our clients the repair is free for 2-3 weeks after service.
* The price applies if the filling or the complete installation has not been done by NailsColor.


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